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Thrushes/ and grosbeaks, red-breasted nuthatches

Hello, Shelley,
I can imagine how excited you were-WOW!!!On Saturday,
we saw red-breasted Nuthatches(2), Rose-breasted
Grosbeaks, and Black throated Blue(1) around 10 am all
around our feeders(even the warbler). Kate

--- Psbmt@aol.com wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>       I've been waiting to see a Gray-cheeked Thrush
> this fall, saw my first 
> one in the yard last fall.  Well, yesterday noticed
> 2 Wood Thrushes behind 
> the house, then saw a diff. thrush with them.  From
> the quick look I got at 
> it I decided it was a Swainson's, because it had
> some buff coloring on part 
> of it's throat, but not sure, it might have been a
> Gray-cheeked but that was 
> all I saw at the time.  Definitely wasn't any of the
> others.  Was kind of 
> depressed, thought it would go down on my list with
> a question mark after it, 
> (I have too many of those).  Never saw them again
> yesterday.
>      This morning was a different story.  I glanced
> out the back window and 
> saw a brown bird, flying low, had that thrush
> sillouette, uh-oh.  I grabbed 
> my binoculars and saw 3 birds on the ground at the
> wood's edge.  2 Wood Thr. 
> and a Swainson's,  this time I saw the eye ring and
> more buffy tones, a life 
> bird.  All the activity was centered around one
> Dogwood tree.  I think there 
> could have been between 6-10 Thrushes.  They were
> hard to keep track of as 
> they would grab a berry and fly off.  Had some
> chasing eachother too.  Did 
> see at least 3 Wood, a Swainson's, and a
> Gray-cheeked, after I set up my 
> scope on a section of the tree.  They just wouldn't
> sit still and were 
> blocked a lot by foliage, then would lose them as
> they flew into the woods 
> between feedings.  This kept up for an hour or so.
> Also was limited by the 
> window views I had, was afraid to move outside
> during all the action and risk 
> scaring them away. 
>      Also have a Hummer at the feeder still, saw
> Black-throated blue Warblers 
> yesterday, and this morning had an Imm. fall
> Baltimore Oriole in with the 
> Thrushes at times, with pinkish flanks.
>      Had another life bird this weekend, a
> White-eyed Vireo, at the New Hope 
> Cr. Impoundment.
> Shelley Theye   
> Psbmt@aol.com
> N. Chatham County, NC

Kate Finlayson
N. Chatham Co.,N.C.
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