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Bald Eagle at RTP

Hello everyone,
Today was my last day working for a company near RTP (Research Triangle Park).
I decided to go out to lunch. I could see an airplane in the distance and 
then another airplane. They were on a collision course. Only one of them 
turned out to be a bird.
An adult Bald Eagle was soaring over Davis Drive and Hopson Road. I reached 
for my emergency binos and confirmed that the eagle was soaring over parking 
lots and not near a lake. My lunch time is limited and I reluctantly moved 
on. On my return to work I saw a Kestrel on a wire. Not a bad lunch time.
Wish me luck on my new employment starting Monday.

Remember that you sometimes have to look up.  You may never know what you 
might find.

Edith Tatum
Durham, NC