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Re: Monday at Mason's Farm

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, James Bloor wrote:
> My brother has been visiting from Scotland and yesterday was his last day so I
> took him out to Mason's Farm for some birding. We had a pretty successful
> morning particularly in terms of Sparrows. Amongst the usual culprits we had a
> VESPER SPARROW and a LINCOLN'S SPARROW. We also had a sparrow that we need
> advice on. Basically it was a pale, buffy, flat-headed sparrow that showed an
> obvious eye ring. The most striking feature was its very plain face - the
> eyering and a darker eyebrow were the only markings. There was no obvious crown
> stripe and the bird was mostly unstreaked below with just a few smudgy streaks
> on its flanks. Does anyone have any ideas?

An eyering and a flat head sounds like a Vesper Sparrow to me. How did 
this bird differ from the definite Vesper that you reported?

Joshua S. Rose
Duke University
Department of Zoology