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Weekend tidbits

I spotted several neck-collared Snow Geese at Chincoteague NWR on Saturday.
Does anyone know who is conducting a survey?  The collars were yellow or
green.  I'll report to the BBL in Maryland, but I've found that it's
sometimes more advantageous to report directly to the group doing the
study.  Thanks in advance for any information!

I swung by the usual local spots for ducks yesterday.  The NCSU Dairy Pond
is starting to show some signs of life, the first Bufflehead have arrived.
Also had a nice Coopers Hawk giving the local flock of Starlings some
exercise.  The 1010 pond harbored several Ring Necked Ducks, and the first
ducks of the year, also Ring Necks, have arrived at the West Lake Pond.
There is major construction going on at Greenview Pond.  I'm not sure what
is happening, but several dozers and a power shovel were present on Sunday.
I'm guessing that the attractiveness of the pond/marsh to ducks will
decline while the work is being done.  Does anyone know what the plans are
for the pond?  Loch Lomond, the smaller of the two neighborhood lakes in
the Lochmere subdivision in Cary, has a small raft of Ruddy Ducks that have
been present for several days.

A hint for anyone who has problems with the diopter setting on their bins.
I have a pair of Swift 8.5 x 44's.  I love the glasses, but the dipoter
wheel is always rotating away from where I want it to be.  While at a hawk
watch in Sept. I met a gentleman who fixed the problem with his bins in a
novel way.  He used the broad rubber band that holds stalks of broccoli
together to keep the setting wheel from turning.  I tried it out this
weekend and was very happy with the result.  The band holds the setting in
place without interfering with the focus or the eyecups.  Give it a try!

Hope everyone who attended Wings Over Water on the Outer Banks had a
successful weekend.  The weather definitely cooperated, at least on the
Eastern Shore of Va.  We had quite a few Red-breasted Nuthatches and
reports of hundreds of Siskins.  Hope some made it down your way!

Steve Shultz
Cary, NC
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