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Re: Huh??

Hi Mary (and C-Birders),
Wood Storks are wonderful soarers, they love to pick up a nice afternoon
thermal and circle to gain altitude.  I'll bet the stork and the vultures
found the same thermal and stayed in it for the same reason, a free ride!
I've seen Mississippi and Swallow-Tailed kites doing the same thing,
circling with vultures, down on the Santee Delta.

Just got out for a bit at lunch and can report that there are no ducks yet
at Lake Crabtree in Raleigh.  The time of the year is right, 2 years ago I
had a Black Scoter on the lake on this very same day!  Hopefully something
will show up soon...

Steve Shultz

Mary Myers <mmyers@nations.net> on 11/08/99 11:53:38 AM

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To:   Carolina Birds <carolinabirds@duke.edu>
Subject:  Huh??

I saw something this morning that caused me to take a double-take and then
a triple-take etc, etc.....  Maybe you can explain it to me.

I saw several vultures and then the sun caught a 'white' bird with them.
Being on the coast, I did my usual "it's just a gull" routine, but then I
noticed long legs like a wading bird.  I was ok with that, too, just
assuming that it was flying past, as opposed to flying with the vultures.
Then I realized it was flying with the vultures!  I saw them circle
numerous times together.  This bird clearly appeared to be a Wood Stork
with its black and white wings, long legs, long neck and beak.  But how can
this be.  I'll admit that a stork's head is as ugly as a vulture's but what
in the world do they have in common that they'd be soaring together???

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  (   )        Mary Myers
  ^ ^   Charleston, SC

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