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Pine Siskin in Morris Creek

As I sat on the couch this morning watching the feeders as part of my
Project Feederwatch work, I notice there are now several House Finches on
the tube feeder.  I study them carefully (it would be unprecendentedly early
for a PUFI but it never hurts to look) and then swing my binos over to the
goldfinch feeder as I had caught a flicker of motion out of the corner of my
eye.  As I look at the bird on the goldfinch feeder, I am wondering why this
goldfinch is striped, especially on the back.  Duh!  It is a Pine Siskin!
It happens every year.  I always wonder why this goldfinch is striped when I
spot the first siskin of the season.  Later when I went outside to listen to
the hordes of Robins that were moving around the yard this morning, I heard
a few "zzzhrrreeee"s from the tip top of a nearby sweetgum.

This may be an early date for them in Fairfield county but only by a few
days.  Without checking my notes, I think I have had isolated sightings of
Pine Siskins in late November but they are not reliable around here until
much later in the winter (February and March) in the winters that they are
present at all.

Here's hoping a Pine Siskin shows up at your feeder!

Donna Bailey
Winnsboro, SC
e-mail: dsbailey@conterra.com
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