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an extraordinary count.

Hi Carolinabirders,

	I am  amazed and as a hard working compiler angry at the number of
extraordinary sightings of rare birds at least for winter reported on the
Hilton Head CBC. Harry, you  must have thrown up when  you saw that count.
Please carolinabirders read Harry's editorial comments concerning this
count. Since probably most of you aren't aware of what I am talking about
the following will help explain my distress with that count. Let's see-7
Eared Grebe, an unheard of number for SC,  4 Great Crested Flycatcher with
no details-there are only a few records for the state, 2 Eastern Kingbirds
with no details and no accepted winter records for the state, a Northern
Rough-winged Swallow with no details and one specimen winter record for the
state, Gray-cheeked Thrush and Wood Thrush with no details and there are no
acceptable winter records for the state and very few anywhere in N.A. in
winter! A Red-eyed Vireo and Black-throated Blue Warbler with no details-no
SC winter records for either bird. 2 Common Redpoll with no details-very
few acceptable winter records for SC. 
Because of the above citations, I don't believe any of it-from the 7
Red-throated Loon to the 32 House Sparrow. 
	Is there a Carolina Bird Club member among the hordes of observers on that
count? If so call me at 843-347-5810 or send me an e-mail?


Jack Peachey