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I sent this on Friday, but for some reason it did not go through so I
thought I'd try again.  Sorry for the lateness of the message.

Did anyone (in the Chapel Hill, Durham or Raleigh [NC] area) read the
editorial in the 12/9/99 Durham Herald-Sun newspaper concerning the Hopi
Indians and the
sacrifice of baby eagles in their religious ceremonies?  Apparently this is
something that current administration ("in the name of political
correctness") recently approved and has the backing of Interior Secretary
Bruce Babbitt.
  The article never mentioned the legislation that would allow this to
happen, but was devoted mainly to the positive environmental steps this
administration has taken and all the good works that Babbitt has done.  And
at the same time the writer could not understand why this administration
would allow such a practice to start again.
   The writer is Bonnie Erbe who writes a column for Scripps Howard, and it
runs in the Durham Herald.
   I was just wondering if anyone else read this or knows anything about it?

Judy Murray
Chapel Hill, NC