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Re: Red Headed Woodpecker

I have observed the Red-headed Woodpeckers that hang out at the Hwy 54 impoundment (Chapel Hill, NC) store acorns in trees also.
Judy Murray
Chapel Hill, NC
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From: Sharon Turner <philshar@earthlink.net>
To: Carolina Birds <carolinabirds@duke.edu>
Date: Friday, December 17, 1999 12:10 AM
Subject: Red Headed Woodpecker

I was checking out a spot for the CBC, and found the resident R H busy filling up holes with acorns. The tree looked like a picture you see of
Acorn Woodpecker trees. I'm sure there were well over a hundred holes.
Has anyone else seen this with Red Heads?
Phil and Sharon Turner
Myrtle Beach, S C