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Audubon ID answer

First, apologies to anyone who thought I was "Audubon-bashing"--no such
intentions.  I just thought it would be fun, like the photo-id quiz in
Birding mag, but with a little more detective work.

No correct answer yet; perhaps there was some confusion about WHICH Audubon
guide I'm talking about.  It's the newest edition (eastern), with the dark
green plastic/vinyl cover (originally with a paper dust-jacket with photo of
male Scarlet Tanager) published about 94 or 95 and still stocked in every
Barnes&Noble, Walden,etc.  Not the 1977 guide or the more recent, slimmer
books with gray covers and the photo of juvenal Mourning Doves for Com.

Thanks to those who responded.  The bird in question is a Mexican and South
American species, but is labeled as a South Texas specialty.  If you've been
to Santa Ana NWR you've probably seen the real thing.

Tim Kalbach
Columbia, SC