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Carolina RBA January 17 Update

hotline: Carolina Rare Bird Alert
date: January 17, 2000
number: 704-332-2473
to report: 704-332-2473 or 704-532-6336 or PiephoffT@aol.com
coverage: North and South Carolina
compiler: Taylor Piephoff, Carolina Bird Club

Hello, this is a Jan. 17 update of the Carolina Rare Bird Alert featuring 
birding news from North and South Carolina sponsored by the Carolina Bird 
Club. Highlights on this report include:


A PACIFIC -SLOPE FLYCATCHER was discovered at Jordan Lake in NC Jan. 15 and 
was relocated Sunday 1-16 and today 1-17 by many observers. The bird is on 
Big woods Rd. which runs along the west side of the lake, north of US 64. 
Follow Big Woods Rd north for 4.9 miles to a road on the right labelled " 
Public Fishing Area". Look around this intersection (northeast corner) or 
alittle further down the gravel road, to the first trail on the left. The 
flycatcher favored the edge of the woods, kept low to the gound, and often 
perched on the wire fence nearby. Any birder(s) relocating this bird are 
urged to update this RBA. This is a first state record for this species. 

RED CROSSBILLS have been seen around Jordan Lake for several weeks. One such 
area is along Big Woods Rd. 1.6 miles north of US 64. Stop at a gate with 
small yellow signs marked "State Park". Up to 16 bird have been seen here.

The MURRELET sp. present at the Fishing Creek Access on the Catawba River 
near Great Falls , SC is still being seen although most looks are very 
distant.A scope is required to have any hope of seeing this bird, as is a 
large amount of patience as the murrelet can be hidden from view for a couple 
of hours at a time. Many birders looking for the murrelet make the short trip 
over to Rock Hill, SC to see a SNOW BUNTING that has been present for a 
month. Go to Ebenezer Park off Mt. Gallant Rd., find the killdeer and search 
for the bunting closeby.

A ROSS'S GOOSE is being seen near Winston-Salem, NC. From I-40 between 
Winston-salem and Kernersville, exit onto Union School Rd. Go south past 
Glenn High School to Temple School Rd. Turn Right and follow the road until 
it makes a sharp left turn. Just past the turn check the fields along both 
sides of the road. The Ross's is in with a small flock of Canada Geese that 
frequent the area. Do not leave the road and enter the fields as they are on 
private land. If the goose is present, it will be seen from the road.

An adult CALIFORNIA GULL was seen 1-8 on the flats on the north side of 
Oregon Inlet. Nearby, a female OLDSQUAW was seen at the Oregon Inlet Marina.

Birders interested in seeing COMMON GOLDENEYES in NC should try Duncan's 
Landing on the Newport River near Mill Creek, NC in Carteret County. The 
viewing area is at the end of marl-surfaced FSR 181 which runs south from 
Mill Creek Rd which connects the town of Newport with Mill Creek community.

NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWLS have been located along the SC-Ga. border. Georgia 
birders playing tapes along Ga 28 found owls along this road after it enters 
SC. RED CROSSBILLS and PINE SISKINS have been seen here as well.

Thanks this week to Giff Beaton, Will Cook, Jeff Pippen, Eric Dean, John 
Fussell, Doug Deneve,  Ron Silverman, and Steve Stiffler for their calls and 

Taylor Piephoff
Charlotte, NC