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CHBC 1/24 speaker -- red cockadeds and the sandhills

When the Chapel Hill Bird Club meets Monday, 1/24, at 7:30 p.m., our speaker
will be Scott Hartley of the Weymouth Woods -- Sandhills Nature Preserve.
He'll show slides and talk about the unique combination of plants of the
Sandhills, which support such species as red cockaded woodpecker and fox
squirrel. It should be a great talk. 
Everyone's invited; you don't have to be a CHBC member to attend! 
The meeting place is the lounge of Binkley Baptist Church on the corner of
the Hwy. 15-501 Bypass and Willow Drive (right next to University Mall) in
Chapel Hill.

And mark your calendars for Feb.28 -- John Connors on woodcocks; March 27 --
Susan Campbell on N.C. hummingbirds; and April 24 -- Haven Wiley on the
annual Mini Breeding Bird Survey of Orange County, which could be extended
to Chatham Co. this year, if there's interest.

Hope you see some of you at the CHBC!
Ginger Travis
919-942-7746 (H)
919-962-0177 (W)