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Interesting phone call

Greetings; all,

A lady in Sumter, SC called yesterday to describe a "pretty bird" seen at
her feeder. She perfectly described a male Painted Bunting!!!  When quizzed
about her feeder food, she admitted that the food had been there a long time
(months) because she had no birds eating it anyway. Apparently the bird has
not returned but hopefully, someone else in the area will see it and call.  

Also in Sumter, we have an apparent Rufous Hummingbird which has been seen
daily for a month now.    .......... Here on the Black River Swamp bluff,
all the feeders are very active, finally with more Purple Finches and A.
Goldfinches than I can even estimate! This is a glorious sight after so many
years with very few, if any Purple Finches seen here. We have no House
Finches in the swamp anymore. Not their preferred habitat, I suppose.
Having such active feeders is exciting after a long, long, period of very
limited activity.

Evelyn Dabbs
Wenee Woods
Mayesville, SC