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Bluebirds and C. Waxwings

No bluebirds at my feeders, however, I observed 4-5 bluebirds feeding on the 
berries of a hawthorne (I think it is a hawthorne, not sure) tree along with 
a crowd of cedar waxwings this past Thursday.  The tree is now devoid of any 
berries!  Due to the winter storm I have had loads of birds not recently seen 
around the feeders and on the ground, mostly goldfinches, juncos, sparrows
(chipping, tree, white-throated and a fox).  A pair of RB nuthatches still 
regularly, and a hermit thrush rustles around in the shrubs near my back deck.
Being snowbound gives me a good opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show.

Cynthia Dickerson
Statesville, NC