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Re: Wilson's Warbler in Pendleton, SC

Made me think of the Wilson's at Crabtree Valley mall
in Raleigh seen before the snow hit. Anybody seen him
since? Kate

--- Buren Blankenship <blblank@carol.net> wrote:
>      A male Wilson's Warbler was seen foraging in
> our neighbor's yard 
> this morning about 10:45. At 3:15pm the bird is
> still actively foraging 
> on the ground and in the pines overhead. This
> beautiful bird has the 
> typical markings; yellow underneath, greenish back
> and wings, and the 
> very distinctive black cap. Luanne made the initial
> I.D., followed by 
> Buren's confirmation after lunch.  Our thanks go to
> Sid Gauthreaux and 
> Carroll Belser who made a speedy trip over from
> Clemson and confirmed our 
> identification. WOW!
>      Our immature male rufous hummingbird which
> arrived in mid-October 
> left for parts unknown Jan. 6th. We had the pleasure
> of watching him go 
> through some of his color changes before he left. He
> enjoyed bathing in a 
> fountain on the deck. The frequency of his baths
> increased the week 
> before leaving. After enjoying a nest of ruby
> throats last summer, it was 
> a unique opportunity to experience a rufous up close
> and in person!
>      Our first Wilson's Warbler has been another
> gracious gift! 
> Sweetheart Nook in Pendleton is a birder's haven.
> Luanne and Buren Blankenship
> Pendleton, SC (between Clemson and Anderson)
> blblank@carol.net

Kate Finlayson
N. Chatham Co.,N.C.
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