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Glaucous Gull at HBSP

Sorry this report is a week late, but my phone line has been out all week,
and it took GTE until last night to get it fixed.

On February 6, a friend and I saw a Glaucous Gull at Huntington Beach State
Park just offshore, between the jetty and parking lot.  We saw the bird in
the early afternoon, with excellent light, and got good looks with the
scope.  It was hard to miss this bird -- a huge essentially pure white gull.
It had a fleshy-colored bill with black spot on each mandible, and my friend
says he saw the pinkish legs when it took off.  It really looked pure white
on top, but underneath the tail you could see some light tan flecks.  Is
this unusual enough that I should submit a written report?  If so, someone
please remind me of how & where to send it. 

It was a good day for gulls -- we also saw a Great Black-backed as well as
Bonaparte's, Ring-billed, Laughing, and Herring Gulls.  We also saw the lone
Tundra Swan that a couple of others have mentioned. 

Mary G. Douglass
Walterboro, SC