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Silent-great Horned Owls

Our resident Great Horned owls have not been heard since the snow.

We have approximately 60 acres of woods surrounding our house and have
year round great horned owls.  Before the snow I heard them calling a
lot and I assume they were mating or preparing to mate.  Since the snow
I have not heard the owls at all.  I have listened at 6 AM, early PM,
and 10 - 11 PM  fairly often since I noticed the quiet.

We got 14 inches of snow and ice which did a lot of damage in this area.
The snow has broken the tops off of about 90% of our pines and has
caused a lot of damage to other trees.

Some possible explanations include: the snow has possibly destroyed
their nests and they have moved somewhere else to find a nest or are too
busy rebuilding to "hoot".  Or the owls are just quiet at this time of
year anyway.  I know from many years that there are times that I do not
hear them calling but I usually hear them around full moon at least.
Not this month.

This may be another case of snow causing problems for birds.  Are there
any suggestions?

Anne L. Olsen
Monroe, NC