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Yellow throated warblers rule

Y-T Warblers are singing lustily in the tall willow oaks around my
vegetable garden, about 2 blocks from the NCSU campus in Raleigh.   The
willow oaks, which are just beginning to leaf out, seem to attract many
birds - from juncos and yellow rumps to crows and cardinals.

Elsewhere, we watched a pileated woodpecker occupying a nest hole in the
swamp near the Buckeye Trail in Raleigh.  The nest tree is easily
visible from the Raleigh Blvd sidwalk - walk over the bridge and look
into the swamp.  A hairy was also excavating holes in the vicinity.

At Greenview pond, John A. kindly dragged out his scope for us to view
the great blue heron  and hawk nests.  We also saw three blue winged
teal and several short-billed dowitchers in the marsh and many bluebirds
in the nearby yards.  A lovely day.
Claudia Egelhoff
American Cancer Society-Southeast Division
11 South Boylan Ave
Raleigh, NC  27603