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Umstead birding


Five of us birded Umstead SP in Raleigh Saturday morning. I kept count for 
the PIF migration survey. The birds were singing!!! I was thrilled to see 10 
warbler species after reading about the great sightings on Carolinabirds. 7 
Ovenbirds singing, and we got a great look at one of them. Finally turned in 
such a way to see the orange on the crown. Have to admit the adorable Hooded 
Warbler was my favorite of the day. Had brief looks at Parula, 
Chestnut-sided, and Yellow-throated. We also had great looks at Black and 
White, Redstart, and a La. Waterthrush perched, singing about mid level on a 
tree over a creek. A hummingbird zoomed by us. We were treated to 4 vocal 
Red-headed Woodpeckers, having a discussion over territory. Also saw Veery, 
Wood Thrush, and Red-eyed Vireos.

In reference to Will and Sandy's emails, I also made a note that we didn't 
even hear a Carolina Wren. We did hear a Phoebe, Pewee, Acadian and 
Great-crested Flycatchers along the trail. 

We added another warbler to our weekend at Shelly Lake on Sunday, a 
Black-throated Blue. It was a fun birding weekend.

Blowing Rock in 2 days!!!!! Happy birding! 

Karen Bearden
Raleigh, NC