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Dickcissel/WAVI in Orange Co. (Fwd)

This morning Doug Shadwick relocated the Dickcissel and Warbling Vireo at 
Anilorac Farm, Dairyland Road, Orange County, NC.  I hope they stick around 
till tomorrow so I can go see!

Will.Cook@duke.edu  Durham NC

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From:           	dshadwick@notes.oao.com
Date sent:      	Fri, 5 May 2000 13:44:05 -0400
Subject:        	Re: Dickcissels

   I was out at Anilorac Farm at seven-thirty or so and relocated the
Dickcissels seen yesterday by Elisa Enders (I read about it on Carolina
birds after I arrived at the office today).  There was one male singing
from a wire at roadside.  He threw back his head and his whole body shook
as he sang his 'dick-ciss-ciss' song.   The  Warbling Vireo was still
singing at the farm house.  I saw a second Warbling Vireo at the creek in
the tall trees.   The Vireo is somewhat hard to hear from a distance with
the songs of the Bobolinks,  Orchard Orioles and Goldfinches.   However,
with a little careful listening,  the Vireo song is easy to discern from
the background noise.   One further note on the Dickcissels:   I have seen
them in Anson,  Durham and Stanly counties but never in Orange County
before today.   I have always seen them in association with Bobolinks
except in Stanly County where they appear to breed some years (i have
several July sightings).   

One final note to Lisa G. and here strange bird.
Her description of the bird note suggests a Cowbird to me.   Her
description of the grey bird would seem to be a female Cowbird.

Doug Shadwick