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Re: Fw: Good news for the Catawba River

Thanks for the Good News!  

Any chance you have at hand an email address for Crescent Resources?  I am
quick to zap an email re the offenders/bad guys but also like to send a
Thank You to the occasional good guys.  Thanks.

At 08:41 PM 5/26/00 -0400, Dwayne & Lori Martin wrote:
>This is good news for all of us who live near the Catawba!
>Dwayne & Lori Martin
>Foothills Bird Club
>Claremont, NC
>>200 Miles of streams to be protected. In a gesture that
>>delighted land conservation groups, Crescent Resources Inc. said
>>Tuesday it will permanently protect all its land along streams
>>that flow into the Catawba River and its lakes. (052400c.htm)
>>From "The Insider"
>>CONSERVATION PLEDGE: In a move that delighted conservation groups,
>>Crescent Resources Inc. said it will permanently protect all its land
>>along streams that flow into the Catawba River and its lakes. The pledge
>>bars development alongside nearly 200 miles of year-round streams in 14
>>counties in N.C. and S.C. and includes Crescent property on the free-
>>flowing stretches of the Catawba. The company also pledged $500,000 to
>>help other landowners protect property along the streams. Crescent
>>estimated the money could pay for expenses, such as surveys and legal
>>work, to protect an additional 100 miles of streams (Bruce Henderson,
>>CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 5/24). Crescent, the land management and development
>>arm of Duke Energy, is one of the largest private landowners in N.C. and
>>S.C., with about 200,000 acres in the two states. While the move will
>>gain tax credits for Crescent, the company said it acted to preserve the
>>streams and serve as a model for other landowners. Conservationists said
>>they knew of no private water protection effort of that magnitude. The
>>announcement came after N.C. officials this month delayed work on
>>requiring buffer zones along the Catawba River. It was uncertain whether
>>that proposal would include streams feeding the river. Crescent
>>officials said they considered the easements for several months, and
>>weren't influenced by the state's effort.
Nancy Iha
at Slick Rock above 3000'
Brevard, NC