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Hwy 54 Pileateds

  This afternoon(Sun.) saw pair of Pileateds foraging in Little Crk. 
Impoundmt. off Hwy 54 along with about a half dozen Red-headeds
making for a very woodpeckery sight!
  One Red-headed eventually chased one of the cowardly Pileateds off-site 
(have previously seen them chased by brown-headed nuthatches and 
hummingbirds!). Then Red-headed got chased off by Crow.

  Was there looking for night herons but saw none.

**Rob Gluck      Chapel Hill      thrush@hotmail.com

  UNC owlets are peeping upon food deliveries from Mom/Dad but still 
refusing to budge from their safe (but dank and smelly!!??) treehole.
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