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Tree Swallows in Raleigh


I found a pair of Tree Swallows this morning at the swamp on Raleigh Blvd.
just south of the beltline, which appear to be nesting. Walking north from
Crabtree Blvd., stop at the second red fire hydrant and look toward the
concrete sewer cistern at about 10-11 o'clock. In line between the hydrant
and the cistern, about half way out, is a dead snag broken off to about eye
level. The birds were frequently visiting and poking their heads into a
cavity on the left side of this snag and spent a lot of time perched nearby.

Will Cook's CHBC checklist indicates previous breeding record(s) for this
species in the Triangle area, but I think it's still a locally rare
occurrence. I'll try to keep tabs on them and see if I can confirm

Dan Kaplan