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Re: Odd Bird(?) Sound

What you probably heard was a White-tailed deer "snorting" out air through 
its nostrils.  It is an alarm noise.  The noise is often accompanied by 
front foot pawing/stomping and then turning tail up and running away(by the 
way, that's where the expression "high-tail it out" comes from).   As for it 
sounding like it came from up in the trees, I have yet to see a deer in a 
tree!:)  Sound around the river bounces and carries around.

Caught a glimpse of a possible black-billed cuckoo today on Cox's Mtn. trail 
down by the river.  I do say possible, because I never could get an 
unobstructed view of the whole bird.  One time glimpse of bill looked black. 
  I'll try that area again.

Lori Marlow
Park Ranger
Eno River State Park
Durham, NC

>From: Amalie Lewis Tuffin <amaliet@ix.netcom.com>
>To: carolinabirds@duke.edu
>Subject: Odd Bird(?) Sound
>Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 18:12:56 -0400
>I was hiking on a trail at the Few's Ford section of the Eno River State
>Park, when I heard a sudden sound that sounded like a muted elephant
>roar come out of the trees on the side of the trail.  It sounded like it
>came from up in the trees.  The other hikers were as startled as I was,
>and made the same comments about how it had somehow sounded like an
>elephant's roar.  Any ideas?
>Amalie Tuffin
>Durham, NC

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