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Kestrels in western NC

Kestrels certain do breed in western NC. Alex Netherton was given some
wrong information about that. Certainly they are quite rare now, as they
are elsewhere in NC. Formerly it was a more widespread nester in large
pastures, etc. In the Piedmont, at least in the e. Piedmont, most nest
in cities! They nest in buildings or telephone poles and hang around RR
tracks, waste lots, etc. Perhaps there are more mice and other animal
food there rather than in the country, or else the pesticides in the
country have impacted nesting kestrels there. At any rate, places where
we see kestrels in winter (large fields) don't seem to have them nesting
much anymore.

It is always a surprise riding down Capital Boulevard in Raleigh at this
time of year and seeing a kestrel, but a pair has nested there for a
number of years. Anyone should report evidence of nesting kestrels in
the state to Ricky Davis (rjdnc@aol.com) for inclusion the Chat Briefs,
or to the State Museum (john.gerwin@ncmail.net). Better yet, simply
report it here on carolinabirds, as some have already done this year.

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