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Talk about them, and they will come

Hi all,
        Sharon Funderburk, Gene Howe and I birded a little while Saturday
morning around Wayne Co. Only birds of note were several Glossy Ibis and an
imm Laughing Gull at the lagoons. Sharon told us she was going to ride down
to Sunset Beach after we broke up and see the Wood Storks, among other
things. Gene ended up going himself the next day and counted 27 feeding near
the bridge to Sunset. I had no particular plans to even go look at them this
year. So I was shocked to see one this morning on the way to work about 7:30
flying tree-top high above the median of Hwy 117 near the Neuse River!
That's only the second Wood Stork I've ever seen in Wayne Co. I plan on
having a few more chat sessions with friends about birds I would like to see
here locally.

Eric & Celia Dean
112 Armstrong Dr
Goldsboro NC  27530