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Blue-headed Vireo, E. Screech Owl, more

A red-phase E. Screech Owl has decided that the balmy weather we're having
in Asheville is perfect for taking the air.  Today it's perched, head
extended, in a hole in a hickory tree. The hole occurs at a crook in the
trunk, so the owl sticks straight up in the hole.  A couple of days ago a
red-phase owl (possibly the same bird?) spent a few hours with its face
scrunched up in the opening of an owl box next to our carport.

Running a sprinkler on some shrubs this morning (no rain in a month)
brought in a small flock (5-7) of White-throated Sparrows.

And while I watched them drink, I heard a Blue-headed Vireo vocalizing
nearby.  Heard one yesterday, too, at our cabin in western Buncombe County.
I also saw Hermit Thrushes feeding on Virginia Creeper berries up there and
witnessed two Golden-crowned Kinglets displaying their crowns as vividly as
autumn leaves.

Ah, fall.

Len Pardue, Asheville, NC