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eastern red cedars

Hello birders:  
I have been in deep hibernation because I just bought a house and have
spent the past few months painting and staining the inside. Now that
that is done I am turning my attention to the outside which is almost
totally un-landscaped. THis is great since I can plant as I please,
and I am aiming at a bird-attracting garden. I know I will have
questions from those of you who have experience with landscaping for
birds. Here are my first three, all about cedars: 

1. Has anyone on this list tried planting eastern red cedars and found
them to provide good COVER for small passerines (or even thrushes)? I
know that Waxwings like the berries, but I was wondering if they are
useful in other ways as well.

2. Where can I buy cedar saplings of good size? I have tried five
nurseries and they all tell me that they don't propagate them. I know
that they are growing all around us, but I don't want to just walk
into someone's field and dig one up, especially since I want the
saplings to be of a reasonably good size.

3. I understand that red cedars are male or female, and only the
female trees bear berries. Does this mean that I should definitely
plant several, or is there enough pollen around that even a single
female will bear fruit?

No rare yard birds yet, but a pair of sapsuckers have moved in for the
winter and have been 'mewing' all about the house. 

Shantanu Phukan