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Re: eastern red cedars

     I have many E. red Cedars (Juniperus) growing in the woods and close to 
the house.  They are definitely favored by many birds.  I have seen Thrushes 
sitting quietly amidst the branches right out behind the house.  
     Last winter after we had so much snow in Chapel Hill, freezing rain was 
then predicted.  I spoke with my neighbor, Nancy Easterling, who is a 
botanist, late in the day about my plan to shake the heavy layer of snow off 
some of the Dogwoods and Cedars before the ice came, fearing they would snap 
with the extra weight (they were already bent over quite a bit).  She agreed 
and was doing that too, so I went out and knocked snow off of some Dogwoods, 
but when I got to my first Cedar that was bent over and was now horizontal 
with probably 15" of snow on it, I began brushing with my broom, and a burst 
of small birds, @ 25?, mostly Juncos and Sparrows flew out from it's branches 
under the snow.  I felt terrible and stopped right then and there and hoped 
they would find cover again before nightfall.   
     Most didn't snap with the extra weight, although some remained bent 
over.  I have a few like that out the bedroom window, and see many birds like 
Wrens and Juncos perched in those, too, and they seem to enjoy the horizontal 
trees a lot.  Had a family of newly fledged Wrens in one tree last summer.  
Gives them some extra cover close to the ground!
Shelley Theye  

Shelley Theye
North Chatham County, NC