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Cooper's hawk hunting on ground

>An adult Cooper's hawk came crashing out of the privet/honeysuckle tangle,
>on foot,  to jump up and land on the closeline pole.  It apparently was
>walking around inside the brush looking for  a white-throated sparrow it
>chased into the tangled mass (a sparrow stormed out of the opposite side).
>If they can't catch you on the wing, they'll walk you down.
>Anyone else observe this behavior or like behavior in other hawks.
>Swainson's Hawk in a dry Texas resaca, walking behind a grass cutting
>tractor, picking off grasshoppers, might be an example?

I've seen a Cooper's walk on the ground across a bit of lawn and 
under a bush, then jump/fly up through it, trying to get at a 
mockingbird perched on top. It had an impressive strutting walk, and 
seemed very at home on the ground. This was on the south side of 
Durham, NC.
Patrick Coin
Durham, NC