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Eagles preying on birds

Seeing all the interesting posts about Bald Eagles prompts me to write 
about two of my own experiences.

First story.  Several years ago I was driving on an expressway in Central 
Oklahoma when I noticed a large flapping mass ahead that seemed to be 
tumbling in the air.  At first I couldn't decide what the bird 
was.  Suddenly the mass split into two as a duck flew to the left and a 
subadult Bald Eagle flew to the right.  The eagle curved back around to 
pursue the duck but I was not able to keep watching.  Something about 
driving 70 mph and trying to stay on the road.........

Second story.  Two years ago at a lake in north central Oklahoma I watched 
as a Bald Eagle repeatedly dropped close to the water then flew back up a 
few feet.  Each time it dropped down, a small splash of water appeared 
below the bird.  This went on for several minutes and I could not see what 
the eagle was trying to do.  Finally, the bird landed on the water.  Yes, a 
mature Bald Eagle sat on the water for a few moments like a big duck-- 
before it slowly and awkwardly flew to a nearby rocky dike.  The bird flew 
just above the water, dragging something.  Once near the dike it dragged an 
American Coot out of the water and proceeded to eat it.  The eagle was 
apparently tiring the coot out by diving at it before it landed on it and 
drowned it.

John Dole
Garner, NC