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Re: Least Bittern

Have seen them in the marshy sedge at water's edge.  If  you are going to
St. Marks in FL, look for them across from the lighthouse at pond's edge.

At 04:29 PM 11/15/00 -0500, shantanu phukan wrote:
>The Least Bittern has eluded me all my life, but now that I am headed
>to Florida I am determined to find it. I am simply writing to find out
>if anyone on this list can give me pointers on what kinds habitat I
>they have a special preference for (do they like reedy fields,
>bullrushes, moist sedge, stagnant water etc.). Any pointers would be
>Shantanu Phukan
Nancy Iha
at Slick Rock above 3000'
Brevard, NC