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Re: Future CBC count report

Harry's right, folks.  Audubon's potential plan to make Christmas Bird Count 
results available only online is a terrible, terrible idea!  The magazine 
form (or hard copy) is valuable to the local compiler in ways that the online 
version couldn't approach.  Like Harry, I would lose major interest in 
Christmas Bird Counts if there is to be no convenient magazine to document 
the results.  As it is, I spend many freetime hours studying the different 
counts' results in the magazine and then interpreting the findings to the 
participants of my CBC (Rocky River); that wouldn't happen with online count 
results.  I have been a tremendous supporter of CBCs in SC and beyond, but 
doing away with printed results would disenfranchise me in a hurry.  

I also find it exceedingly arrogant of National Audubon to decree that 
"Beginning with the 102nd Christmas Bird Count...all CBC data included in the 
database must be received on line.  There will be no alternatives and no 
exceptions."  Yes, I submit mine online already, but I sure don't need the 
attitude.  Maybe it's time for me to spend my winter birding days doing 
something a little more birder friendly.

Almost disgusted,

Steve Patterson
Pickens, SC