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Raven in Davidson Co. NC

Strange weather can make for strange bird sightings. This morning I observed a Raven in 
Davidson Co.  NC. It was about half way between Thomasville and Lexington, and about a 
mile north of Business 85. The bird was cruising along a two-lane country highway. I had 
the distinct impression that the bird was using the road as a route of travel. I stayed 
with it for over a mile as it cruised down the road. I also noticed that the response of 
small passerines to the Raven was unlike their response to passing Crows. They seemed to 
be more likely to take cover. The Raven also stirred up flocks of birds which wheeled in 
the air and returned to their spots after it passed. Thus they seemed to perceive it as 
more of a threat than a Crow.


Joe Poston
Salisbury, NC
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