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X and Y new to the equation


Made my annual winter migration from west end of Sunset Beach, NC to the
jetty at western end of Bird Island and beyond, in SC.    And sorry to say
nothing exciting to report,  Guess I'm never going to top the Oldsquaw, well
that's what it was called then, of a few years ago.  There was a large flock
of Red-breasted Merganser and the usual Buffleheads.  I picked a rotten time
of day, low tide, no gannets or scoters.  Saw a few Common and Red throated

On the dunes a Sharpie chased the Savannah sparrow flock into the low trees.
Thought it should have been a merlin but it wasn't.  The flat on the left as
you get to the island had a number of the usual shorebirds.

The news here (not earth shaking but when it's your backyard it's great
fun), is that I have a second hummer, which will be known as "Y", that I
believe is an immature male Ruby-throated because he has 1 shiny red gorget
feather and chases poor old X.  Mr. Tea, the Black-chinned stays at the
McCormick's and Toast I suspect is still around, last sighting of the
Cinnamon teal was Sat.

I dragged the best birding buddy in the world, Carolyn Bush, to Samworth in
the rain and we got our first SC Am. Bittern Monday, thanks to Gary Philips

I'll be away for a week, but husband will be here so feel free to bird our

Good birding,
Mary McDavit, Sunset Beach mainland, Medcalf Lake.