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Goshawk back?

Greetings all:
	Today (sat) at 4 p.m. while closing up the gardens (Elizabethan on Roanoke
Island) I heard a crash and looked up to see a very fast, heavy bodied, gray
accipiter streaking away. I'm 97.57 percent sure it was the N. Goshawk
again, it looked too large and much too heavy for a Cooper's. Also, just
like before, the tail doesn't appear as long (proportionally) as a Cooper's,
I guess because Cooper's is so much slimmer bodied. It flew from the area
near the perimeter of the "great lawn" (where it was probably seen last
sat.) toward the denser trees on the Fort Raleigh side of the fence (where I
first saw it last Friday). The "great lawn" often entertains as many as 12
or 15 gray squirrels at one time. One would think this would be very
attractive to a Goshawk. Also, the gardens were quiet with all the visitors
gone (which are scarce this time of year, anyway). I shall continue looking
until dark today and then again tomorrow and will keep you posted.
	Jeff Lewis
	Manteo, NC