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11 Purple Sandpipers at Fort Macon, NC

This morning, 17 January, I saw 11 Purple Sandpipers at the little jetty at
the bathhouse at Fort Macon SP, NC.  A single Red Knot was on the beach

The bathhouse area of the park is located about 1 mile west of the fort.  As
you're coming into the park from Atlantic Beach, take the first right (sign
says Bathhouse and Swimming Beach, I believe).  Drive to the far end of the
parking area (to the left).  The jetty is only a few steps away.  It is a
good place to get good looks at the Purple Sandpipers, because you can walk
to within a few feet of them, the jetty being so short.

Purple Sandpipers are apparently reliable at this site at low tides
occurring in the morning (and probably midday).  They may be less reliable
at low tides occurring in the afternoon.

                                             John Fussell
                                             Morehead City, NC