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From the Wando to the North Santee: 1/27/01

Dear Carolinabirders;
   Spent an enjoyable day today looking for ducks and winter little birds. 
some, missed the elusive (for me) Sedge Wren. Also missed the Saltmarsh 
Sparrows due to missing the high tide. I visited Santee Coastal Reserve, Pitt 
and finished up way out on the North Santee at the "Swan Field". I walked 
about 6 miles out across the dikes, about 5pm with the sun low in the west, I 
saw my first
Pintail of the year in a flying flock of Mallards. They were perfectly lit 
with the sun at my back. Then......the next flock was 60 Pintails! Then 
another and another. I estimated over 1000 Pintails and 1500 Mallards flew 
over and came down in the 
impoundments as I walked back. I saw 5 Eagles (Bald, of course) during the 
including two immature birds that flew over low and chattered together like
two teenagers.
   The dike road was liberally covered with wild hog feces. I wondered if I 
should have been carrying a sidearm. Seriously, does anyone have any advice 
on safety
if encountering a wild hog/boar?
   The North Santee is extraordinarily beautiful at sunset, as thousands of 
ducks fly over and into the fields. Last week I saw a bobcat run away down 
the road that runs along the river.
   oh yes, go RAVENS!
Steve Compton