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request for raptor photos

	Recently, Joe Simpson was kind enough to let me incorporate a 
couple of excellent Cooper's Hawk photos he'd taken with his nifty 
digital camera into the Carolina Raptor Center's webpage 
(http://www.birdsofprey.org/cooper.htm). If any of you out there have 
some good raptor photos, either originally taken digitally or later 
scanned, that you would let us use, I would be most appreciative. 
Eventually, we'd like to have a good representation of all the 
southeastern raptors on the website.
	Thanks in advance. (Photo credits will be given, of course.)


Rob Bierregaard


				Phones: 704 333 2405
Biology Department			704 547 3499
UNC-Charlotte			Faxes:	704 333 2404
9201 University City Blvd.		704 547 3128
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