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Savannah NWR Cinnamon Teal & White-faced Ibis

We birded the Savannah NWR drive Saturday, Feb 10, between 11 AM and 4 PM.
The high numbers of N. Shovelers and Blue & Green-winged Teal are still
present, as well as a male Cinnamon Teal in full color.  Look for him with
the teal, shovelers and coots in impoundment # 16 (on your left).  The
brochure map available at the entrance shows the impoundment numbers, but
it's roughly at the 2 mile mark.  A careful scoping of the dozen or so dark
ibis at this same location revealed the lingering White-faced Ibis reported
previously. Look for the absence of white around the face, and rosy-red
coloration of the lores & red iris.

Tim and Melanie Kalbach
Columbia, SC