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barred owl - red-shouldered interaction account


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From: Kate Finlayson
To: Harrold, Eric S
Sent: 2/27/01 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: Harrisburg, NC 2-26

Last spring at a neighbors house, a barred owl dropped
two red-shouldered hawk babies out of the hawk nest.
One a day. They had fought over the nesting site. One
survived after being rehabbed.
The neighbor is not a birder, but has had both owl and
hawk nesting in her yard for years.

--- "Harrold, Eric S" <esharrol@email.uncc.edu> wrote:
> Went to a barred owl site with Rob Bierregaard and
> successfully located
> barred owl(s?), to again have one of them chased
> away by a red-shouldered
> hawk.  Has anyone else observed interactions between
> these species?  

Kate Finlayson
N. Chatham Co.,N.C.

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