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RE: Wake Audubon bird walk

"Karen and Joe Bearden" <chickadeebirders@earthlink.net> wrote:

>On a sad note, I wrote last week about my excitement of
>finding 4 chickadee eggs in our nest box. You may recall
>I said I heard my first House Wren as I was writing the
>email and hoped he would stay away from my chickadee.
>He didn't, I'm sad to say. I was heartbroken when I saw
>nesting material hanging out of the box. I knew right away
>who was responsible. All the eggs were gone from the nest,
>but I found one on the ground under the box which had been >punctured. I'm
very attached to chickadees, so I was very >upset!!

>Len, you asked how I was going to keep the House Wren away?
>I wasn't able to, but after talking to a birding friend we >wondered--does
anyone have an idea of a nest box that would >attract chickadees but not
House Wrens? Is there something
>that can be done to make it harder for the

Sorry to hear about the chickadee eggs, Karen. Would it help to put another
house up for the house wren to use? Perhaps one more suited to house wrens?
I seem to recall reading about a nestbox for house wrens that had a
rectangular entry hole, one better suited for taking sticks into the box.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed because so far, the house wren who's been
building a nest in my last-to-be-occupied nestbox hasn't bothered the six
chickadee hatchlings in the first-to-be-occupied nestbox that's only about 6
feet away. Both of those boxes were meant to be bluebird houses, btw.


Jordan Brooks
Raleigh, NC

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