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Sandhill Crane in Greenville, NC

A single Sandhill Crane has been seen for approximately a week by employees
of the Greenville Sewage Treatment Plant.  I learned of this today, and
visited the site with Ken Harrell late this afternoon.  It flew in just as
we arrived about 6:00 p.m.  Employees at the plant have apparently been
seeing the bird early in the morning.  It apparently wanders to nearby areas
at times during the day, but pprobably has been spending the night at the
sewage plant area.  The good habitat there is an area of wet pastures which
are used as effluent spray fields. The Dickcissel records we have here for
the past two years have come from the same general area.

If you decide to visit the area, you will need either to look for the bird
from outside the fence, or obtain permission to enter the area from the
Sewage Treatment Plant employees.  It is probably better to enter the area.

The location of the treatment plant is just east of Greenville along Old
Pactolus Road.  This road parallels US 264 E but is about 1/2 mile south of
the highway.

John and Paula Wright     h 252-756-5139

jwright@skantech.net      Greenville, North Carolina