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common yellowthroat in Boone

Glorious spring on Rich Mountain Rd. area of Watauga Cnty.

This morning's new arrivals:  common yellowthroat, veery.

An abundance of chestnut-sided warblers and least flycatchers passing the
news of spring up and down the mountainside.

Also of interest:  the DOT has prepared for the next Blowing Rock CBC
meeting by improving Rich Mountain Rd.  It is no longer the bumpy jeep road
you may have experienced last spring; now it's smooth gravel all the way
over the gap.  Easier access, but more traffic moving too fast for the
birds---the paradox of progress.

Walton Conway
The Golden Cockerel, Boone, NC
(828) 297-4653; 1-800-892-5409