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Carolina RBA May 10 Update

hotline: Carolina Rare Bird Alert
date: May 10, 2001
number: 704332-2473
to report: 704-332-2473 or 704-532-6336 or PiephoffT@aol.com
coverage: North and South Carolina
compiler: Taylor Piephoff for the Carolina Bird Club

Hello, this is a May 10 update of the Carolina Rare Bird Alert featuring 
birding news from North and South Carolina sponsored by the Carolina Bird 
Club. Highlights on this report include:


SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHERS have returned to Union County, NC, where they bred 
last year The nest is in the same transmission line tower as last year. From 
US 74 in Monroe, NC take Hwy. 200 south exit. When 200 makes a sharp Right 
turn in Monroe stay straight. You will be on Hwy. 207 (Hayne Street). Stay on 
207 through monroe and well south of town until 207 makes a Right turn at a 
blinking light (Wolf Pond Rd.) Turn Right here and go about 3.5 miles to a 
dirt driveway on the left. Take this driveway past several houses, cross a 
small creek, then immediately turn right onto another dirt drive. This will 
take you underneath large power lines. The birds are seen around the tower on 
the left or in the fields and on fences in the area. Best bet is to drive 
past the tower and park along the road well away from it. The Olsens have 
been very kind to share this information with the public. Contact them at 
<aolsen@wingate.edu> or <bolsen@trellis.net> for latest details.

A ROSEATE SPOONBILL has been seen at Bray Plantation in Beaufort County, SC. 
Unfortunately this is a private , gated community so access may be limited. 
Local birders with connections to this community are encouraged to find out 
about access and report to this RBA.

The LIMPKIN Savannah NWR in SC was still present as of May 5. This bird has 
been seen here for months but can be missed on occasion. Almost invariably it 
has been found .9 miles from the start of the Wildlife Drive.

Two LARK SPARROWS were at Bodie Island on the Outer Banks on May 7 and 8. 
Walk down the gated road on the right as you drive along the entrance road 
from Hwy 12 to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Look around a gravel pile at the 
first clearing.

Thanks this week to Ann Shahid, and Jeff Lewis for their calls and reports.

Taylor Piephoff
Charlotte, NC