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veery, saw-whet, and magnolia warbler in the high country


Just a note... Yesterday Lesley Penfield and I were up at Beacon Heights and 
heard a saw-whet calling quite incessantly, and starting around 5ish pm.  
Sounded like he was calling from the base of Grandfather, which would make 

Also, had a couple of veery singing from around the rocks at Beacon Heights. 
  As we were leaving, a huge maple was like static, so full of warblers.  
Black-throated blues, black-throated greens, canadas, a blackburnian, and 
magnolias.  Males and females.  Presume this was a mixed flock feeding 
viciously before another night of flight, in that only the black-throated 
blue and greens were singing.

Oh yeah, also got the first least flycatcher this morning on Roby Greene 
road in Watauga Co.  Didnt get a look (on a run) but cant mistake that 

Hope all you twitchers are still enjoying the movement.  Went up to Ohio for 
a few days and the singing seems to be in full swing there, too.

Jason Bulluck
Masters Candidate,
Appalachian State University, Biology
Boone, NC

Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, 
but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life.    Edward 
O. Wilson

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