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Re: Shade grown coffee

Also available in Chapel Hill at Southern Seasons and Wild Bird Center
Jack McLain

At 12:00 PM 5/12/2001 +0000, Ernie wrote:
>By now all the birders out there know about shade grown coffee and bird
>conservation -- being also the theme of International Migratory Bird Day
>2001.  The main problem is easy availability.  The nearest distributor is
>Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, which is quite good.  Three sources for
>buying it retail that I know of in eastern N. C. are Cypress Group of Sierra
>Club, Goose Creek State Park, and the Greenville Garden Club.  Counter
>Culture Coffee will also set up your bird club with an account (you sell it
>and make $ for your club).  You can contact them at 888-238-5282 or
>www.counterculture.com or me (I have it to sell for Sierra Club) at
>252-758-0077 or erniemarshall@beachlink.com.
>Ernie Marshall
>Greenville/Swan Quarter, N. C.