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Re: Highway 54 Impoundments

I made a quick trip to Little Creek today.  The highlights were an Osprey (my
first ever for Little Creek) and nesting Tree Swallows who were totally unfazed
by my presence.  They were buzzing right by me, stopping in the path to get
nesting materials less than 10 feet away from me, etc.  It was neat.  I also saw
the Green Heron, but not the Yellow-crowned.

Amalie Tuffin
Durham, NC

Jchat99@aol.com wrote:

> Rob Gluck and myself spent a little over an hour birding the New Hope Creek
> Impoundment about 12:15 p.m Friday.  Highlights included Spotted Sandpiper,
> several Redstarts, a Pileated (made Rob's day), a beautiful Blue Grosbeak,
> and 'learnable' birding moment with a singing Summer Tanager and a singing
> Scarlet Tanager in the same field of view.  Song comparison was interesting.
> The bird of interest was a probable late-lingering Northern Waterthush by the
> dam. We were trying to identify a very high pitched song when I decided to
> try my normally useless pishing skills.  Out popped a small brown bird with
> buff-yellow undersides.  I got my binocs on it and saw stripes and the buff
> eye-ring. It dashed back down quickly, and we did not see it again.
> Around 6:30 p.m. ventured to the Little Creek impoundment.  Other than
> scaring myself to death just missing trampling a 5' black snake, I did 'spot'
> a Spotted Sandpiper and the inmature Yellow-Crowned Night Heron perched high
> on a stump. I returned to New Hope Creek trying to relocate the Waterthrush.
> Many Prothonatary Warblers and Red-Headed Woodpeckers we had missed at noon,
> plus 12 Wood Ducks and a male Hairy Woodpecker.
> John Frederick
> Durham, NC
> Jchat99@aol.com