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Orchard Oriole nest

Where else but on Dairyland Road where all the action is in Orange
COunty. This afternoon while looking for the Warbling Vireo and Dickcissel
on Dairyland Road, Alan Johnston and I happened upon an Orchard Oriole
nest low on a Pin Oak branch along the little creek that runs just beyuong
the Anilorac Farm. It is on the right side of the road as you stand with
your back to the farm, and well within earshot of the singing
Dickcissel. The best way to find this nest is to wait for the male Orchard
Oriole to fly in wigth a bug in its bill, the Oriole seems to prefer
foraging along the stream on the other side of the raod where it is
brushier. The nest has babies, and is about 15 feet of the ground and
perfectly visible from the road. So, if watching the Dickcissel sing and
display, staring at the warbling vireo feed its young and marvelling at
the insect-like buzz of the many Grasshopper sparrows begins to get a tad
dull you can always switch to the Orchard Orioles.
There was also a Blue Grosbeak and umpteen Purple martins as well as one
forlorn Tree Swallow.
Shantanu Phukan

Lecturer in Urdu-Hindi & Indian Literature
University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill
Curriculum in Asian Studies
Alumni Hall 413C
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599