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Re: Memorial Day Pelagics

Odd, isn't it, that no one has reported on the approximately 7 trips
that went out over Memorial Day weekend out of Manteo and Hatteras. I
can only report on the two I took: Sat., May 26 out of Manteo, and
Sunday May 27 out of Hatteras.

Sat., we had a probable dark-phase Herald Petrel. It was at a distance,
but certainly not a Sooty Shearwater, as we had seen a few already and
had a good feel for them. It was simply too far away, in poor light. As
we could not make out the distinctive underwing markings at that
distance, we cannot assume a dark bird is a Herald. We chased it, but we
never relocated it. Other decent birds were two Arctic Terns, and close
up looks at about 20 each of Leach's and Band-rumped S-P.  (By the way,
Brian Patteson has now got a "drip-bag" that leaks drops of fish oil
into the water behind the boat [both boats now] to create a chum slick
that attracts storm petrels and the occasional larger bird to the back
of the boat.)

Sun, we had a good look at a late Manx Shearwater, in the Gulf Stream.
But, we had no Arctics and no Leach's. Otherwise, on the two days we had
the standard fare, with a grand total of 5 shearwater species, 3
storm-petrels, many B- c Petrels, some Pomarine Jaegers, a few Bridled
Terns, and that's about it. No skua, Long-tailed Jaeger, tropicbird,
rare Pterodromas for sure, etc.

Rumors from other boats of better things -- much better things -- are
still that. 

Harry LeGrand

Buddy Garrett wrote:
> Any reports from the Memorial Day Pelagic's (if they ran) for a poor old
> doctor that was on call?
> Buddy Garrett
> medxam@onslowonline.net

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